Year in Review

Lately, ever year has a theme.  Since I have acquired the memory of a goldfish, I can no longer remember with crystal clarity the theme of each year.  For instance:

2003 was a year of high hopes

2004 was, I think, the year I felt great things were in the offing and great forces were moving towards great achievements.

2005 was the year the wheels fell off.  The great forces ended up sticking said force right in our collective backsides

2006 was worse.

2007 has been a year of absolute grey limbo.  Nothing exciting happened, nothing exciting seems on the horizon.  But decisions have been made, plans have begun to take shape and 2008 could turn out a very interesting year.

One can hope.

So, here’s the annual Year in Review for 2007.




  • The Limbo-ball really started rolling.
  • I mulled my true legacy: curmudgeoness.
  • After worrying about the weather, I spent a St. Patrick’s Day for the ages in Philly.  Saw the finest example of precision projectile vomiting I’ve ever witnessed.  You shoulda been there.


  • I spent most of this month working extraordinarily long hours during the week and slightly normal hours on the weekend.  I missed Opening Day, damned near missed Easter, did go to some ballgames, but didn’t write about it.
  • The house next door caught on fire, though.  That was entertaining.





  • Vacation!  In the Bronx!  And Camden!  Fifth Avenue at the end of the day is pretty sweet.
  • Lots of Red Sox goodness.  Or would have been, if I hadn’t been there.
  • Life’s a piece of shit, when you look at it.  Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke, it’s true.”





Like I said: There’s always next year.

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  1. Dickymo says:

    Glad I was able to share in a cherished moment in March 2007. Can we top it in 2008?


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