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Look at this silliness. Civil War re-enactment a 'hobby' to many, a way of life for some (via NewsWorks) June 27, 2013 By┬áPeter Crimmins, @petercrimmins When you spend a third of your annual income, and take all the time you … Continue reading

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Dear American voter, FUCK YOU!!! You hate me. You hate my children. You hate my country. And I hate you. And I hate the country you apparently want to build. I hope you fail. Even if you drag the last, … Continue reading

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Today is election day. As always, THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME! Silly, but I suspect it may actually be true today. Today we find out whether the American People regret the mistake they made in 2008 or whether … Continue reading

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Not content to merely suggest that towns reschedule their planned activities – perfectly in keeping with a State of Emergency – the Governor of the People’s Republic of New Jersey found it within his august powers to reschedule an entire … Continue reading

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One-Hundred Fifty years ago today – October 10, 1862 – Confederate cavalry pounded across the Potomac and raised hell in my hometown of Mercersburg, PA. I suppose they didn’t give it more hell because they knew the debt their odious … Continue reading

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