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Twenty-five years ago at the moment I’m writing I was standing with my family on a frigid Florida along a lake at Kennedy Space Center watching the Space Shuttle Challenger lift off. Minutes later we were driving back out the … Continue reading

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So ends my second attempt to live in the big city. While we all wait for what happens next, here are some interesting facts: I moved twice to the big city five years apart: 2005 to Nashville, 2010 to Philadelphia. … Continue reading

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High comedy, this was, high comedy. Leave the house at the typically obnoxiously early hour required to make the usual obnoxiously long commute. Luckily find out on the way down the street that the Turnpike has been closed for the … Continue reading

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In a surprising move Thursday, the defending National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies traded their team and the contents of their farm system in order to corner the market on starting pitchers called Roy. Is it actually possible to play the … Continue reading

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As I settled into sleep last night I calculated in my head what time my waking up time would have been in 1863 and concluded that by the time I woke up, the battle would already have started. Shots are … Continue reading

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