Has no-one in New Jersey ever heard of this marvelous new invention?? Amazing stuff really, NaCl. When you throw it on snow and ice said snow and ice miraculously melts away. Particularly under the warming rays of a clear winter sun.

I really should expect these sorts of failures by now. Any nation, state or city ruled by mollycoddling fascists is patently unable to deliver basic services. And New Jersey is one of the posterchildren of mollycoddling fascist rule.

So major roads are barely passable – two lanes out of three at best on interstates and United States highways. Secondary roads are an absolute mess and city streets are no better than sleigh paths through one of Robert Frost’s proverbial woods.

It’s unconscionable. With the bright sunshine of the past two days all that’s needed is a good scraping and a healthy dose of salt or cinders applied at regular intervals.

Funny how private driveways, parking lots and lanes are all completely clear and dry – not a drop of snow, ice or even water upon them – while pretty near every surface controlled by municipal services is an utter disaster.

Welcome to the future. You’ll get a ticket if your kid doesn’t wear a bicycle helmet but don’t expect the streets to be passable any time soon.

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