Where am I?

I suppose that rather than being taken aback by the question I should instead wonder why the question took so long to be asked. Like a bolt of lightning it hit me: First, “Christ, I’m living in Nashville, Tennessee,” Then, “What the hell am I doing here?”

The answer is perfectly obvious and will remain the same as I keep moving to many and varied places as the years go by but the sudden realization is an absolute show-stopper. I really have no interest in going back to Gettysburg but it’s fairly shocking to suddenly internalize the knowledge that everything you’ve ever known is a hell of a long way away.

In other news, I am thinking of worshipping Athena. I think I’ve been to her local temple more often than I’ve been to my local church. When most of the Saturdays I’ve spent in this town are started at the Parthenon there might be a lesson to be learned.

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