One-Hundred Fifty years ago today – October 10, 1862 – Confederate cavalry pounded across the Potomac and raised hell in my hometown of Mercersburg, PA.

I suppose they didn’t give it more hell because they knew the debt their odious cause owed to a son of Mercersburg, that traitorous hound James Buchanan.

Like the no-account, dirty, horse-thieves they were they stole some horses, stole some shoes, stole a map and stole a few people. I expect they stole the lunch they enjoyed at Bridgeside but I can’t find any evidence.

As quickly as they had come, they left for St. Thomas and Chambersburg looting as they went.

Secesh would visit town again the next year and, presumably, the year after that. Funny how little Mercersburg would turn out to be such a crossroads of the war.

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