As I settled into sleep last night I calculated in my head what time my waking up time would have been in 1863 and concluded that by the time I woke up, the battle would already have started. Shots are fired, men die and the biggest scrap of the war is underway.

Who knew that July 1 was such a day of battles? I knew Gettysburg started today and somewhere in the dark recesses of my historical memory I recalled that the Battle of San Juan and Kettle Hill was today in 1898 – the 35th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. I didn’t know today was also the beginning of the Battle of El Alamein.

I wonder why July 1 is such a day for fighting. For me, I’m usually railing against the heat as I prepare to again don the wool and sally forth. Why on earth anyone would want to fight in such heat is beyond me.

Happily it’s a gorgeous day, clear and cool. It would be a fine day for fighting if there were any to be done.

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  1. Dicky says:

    I need to watch Patton again, I like the part about El Alamein. “Rommel. you beautiful bastard I read your book”

    Miss Mcneirney bellowing “bully lads, bully”!

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