2009 – Year in Review

I am absolutely hardwired to be a pessimist. I always suspected this of myself, it’s been confirmed in looking back at seven years of End of Year Reviews. I claim every year has been the worst year ever. I suppose that’s possible, but I doubt it. I wonder why I only ever remember the bad shit, and none of the good.

It’s been an interesting evolution. The world changed – we thought forever – in 2001. In 2002 we all waited on tenterhooks to see what direction things would go. In 2003 my life seemed to be moving in the right direction. 2004 was another year of anxiously awaiting developments. 2005 was up and down, very bad thingsTM happened and yet I made a move and a change and thought that maybe things would improve. 2006 was, hands down, the worst of ’em all. Culminating with all my efforts to make a move and a change dashed against the concrete wall of bitter reality. 2007 was a busy year at work but also a time to consider another future move. 2008 was a doozy. Started slowly, ended slowly, but was a hell of a hoot in the middle.

And now, 2009. Another truly shitty year. I really can’t find many high points. I took another trip in March which helped. But I ended up doing something I never wanted to do again in a place I loathe. And the fall saw nothing but death and destruction stalking the land. There must be something to these 3 year cycles. ’06 & ’09 – peas in a pod. Christ, what’s next?


  • I skipped the Inauguration. Couldn’t bring myself to spend a very cold day with four million people who hate my guts.
  • Watched it on TV instead.
  • Saw some movies and otherwise had very little to say. Life in your Dad’s basement is not conducive to great inspiring adventures.


  • I got a job. Perfect way to re-enter the work force: a part-time seasonal position. Sums up the economy nicely I think.
  • It was an auspicious day.
  • Spring begins. Just knowing that somewhere, someone is playing baseball in the warm sunshine makes it easier to deal with the general snow and icy foulness of your average northeastern February.


  • On the road again!
  • I precipitously fled New Orleans. ‘Cause if I didn’t, I wasn’t sure I ever would. Funnily enough I met a guy later on in the year who didn’t leave. Until the storm.
  • “It’s all Blood you see.” — The Player, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. A week or so of death. I visited the death scenes of JFK, MLK and the King. The X in the middle of the street still gives me the creeps.



  • Moved to New Jersey and started some work.
  • I saw a very disappointing Phillies game.
  • Another month with nothing to say. Maybe because I didn’t have internet for half the month?



  • Oh! That’s why I didn’t write anything. I disappeared.
  • “Now there’s another dirty word, ‘Job’.” — General Melchett, Blackadder Goes Forth. And then I got a fscking job.






And finally, the year is over. Good riddance. Another year of limbo to look forward to with the consolation that, Hey! At least it can’t be worse.


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