Some men just want to watch the world burn.

My fondest hope is that I get to watch at least some of the end of the world. I took perhaps more delight than I ought to have in watching multitudes around the world watch the destruction of their pitiful little lives with doe-eyed looks of incomprehension. How could God/Allah/Government allow such a thing to take place? Shows what you get for putting your trust in anything. Nitwits.

Talk about a movie made for foreign sales, the Americans are mostly venal, stupid or lucky. The Chinese save the world because we all know only a totalitarian dictatorship could possibly muster the resources on short time needed to meet such a crisis. And mankind’s final home is in Africa. What did we miss? Antarctica and Australia got no mention. I think just about everywhere else got covered.

It’s a sad commentary on our current state of affairs that those necessary to save in case of the end of the world are politicians, scientists and billionaires. I’d think it would be much more appropriate to save people who actually DO things: farmers, mechanics, construction workers. Kill all the teachers, politicians, scientists, businessmen, etc. Like the ark full of telephone sanitation engineers in the Hitchhikers Guide trilogy. Let ’em all drown. The world would be a much better place with doers. So says the man who maintains thinking machines for a living.

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