According to the Guinness Brewery, Arthur Guinness was born Sept 24, 1725. The real birthdate is unknown and Guinness itself has changed the recognized date over the years. Never the less, today is celebrated as Arthur’s Day for those inclined to a pint or two.

What is not in dispute is that Arthur Guinness made the second best real-estate deal in history on December 31, 1759 when he signed a 9,000 year lease on the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin.

The combination of these two august occasions leads the gigantic corporate overlord that now runs the Guinness empire to call today the 250th Birthday of Guinness.

Let there be bells and fireworks. Let children dance in the street and adults sing. Let all the earth rejoice!

And maybe share a pint of the black stuff at 17:59 this evening in tribute.

Thank you Arthur Guinness.

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