The news is that the Philadelphia Eagles have signed dog-butcher Michael Vick to a two-year deal.

Christ, and I was really trying to like football.

I tend to support the Commissioner in his Vick decision. He tried to square the circle and did a pretty decent job. It would have been righteous to say “Vick deserves a second chance. He does not, however, deserve a second chance to make millions of dollars playing a kids game. Instead, we will support him in any way we can to find a decent job in ‘normal’ society and offer our very best wishes for his successful life.”

Fair enough, we all know that wasn’t going to happen. So I expected the Commissioner’s Solomonaic decision to result in Vick being signed by somebody like the Cowboys, or the Giants. You know, a team without a soul. Instead the friggin’ Eagles sign him?

So ends my honest attempt to be a true Eagles fan. They’ve lowered themselves to true scumbag levels. With a little luck they’ll end up at the very bottom of the standings for the entire League this year and for all future seasons.

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  1. Dmo says:

    “Eagles football brought to you today by Milk-Bone dog treats!”

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