I admit that I never saw any of Barack Obama’s speechifying until the Inaugural Address. As that speech was disturbingly flat and full of empty rhetoric I still waited to find out how this supremely unqualified man managed to pull the wool over people whose intellectual abilities I have great respect for.

Happily, he offered a much more mesmerizing Annual Message to Congress. Well delivered. Seemingly sincere. Enough to make you believe that the United States can single-mindedly pursue a total reinvention of our economy, energy strategy, education system, health care regulations and old age pensions while decreasing the deficit and encouraging robust economic growth.

Of course, it’s all horseshit. The bit that made me realize how completely detached from reality all this is came when the President – after blathering about robust economic growth – demanded a carbon cap program to promote renewable energy. I would be delighted if he’d use his immense rhetorical skills to explain to me how companies are expected to recover from the current economic troubles while being simultaneously compelled to completely retool their operations to avoid using traditional energy.

Yep, that’ll work out real well. Looking forward to it.

Allow me to suggest that you do your patriotic duty by making the ammunition industry a bright spot of real growth. Environmental regulations or not.

Buy American! Buy more bullets.

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