How about ‘dem Iggles?

Happily I can now rationalize my inattention to the bulk of the football season: it’s bad luck. The years I don’t pay attention the Eagles do well. If I do pay attention, they do poorly.

Screw you. It works for me. It doesn’t have to be truly true. Wanker.

I do have a real football question: was this past weekend anything more than a naked grab for a longer season and greater television revenue? I never really considered the NFL playoff system before. I assumed it was like baseball: three divisions in two conferences with the second rated team in the conference that didn’t win their division designated a wild card to round off the playoff brackets. Now I find out that there are four divisions and two wild cards! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Is there any possible explanation for this outside of greed? What’s wrong with four teams playing a divisional playoff: first seed against third, second against fourth. That’s fair right? It would get the Superbowl back into January at least.

Fugging football.

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