So, what is there to do in New York Nashville anyway?

I’ve been a poor explorer. The first time I went downtown since the day after I arrived here was late on a Monday night to get off the interstate and out of traffic. In truth, I learned more about this city and its possibilities in three days preparing for and entertaining out of town visitors than I had in three months.

I did swing out of my neighborhood one Tuesday a week or two ago and made a pretty fair evening of it – had a bit to drink, wandered out to explore one of the rumored local hotspots and found a piss-poor imitation of an imitiation Irish pub serving draught Guinness badly. Despite the obvious failures, they at least attempted the decor and served the sauce in correct glassware and at the correct temperature.

A pitiful approximation of an oasis in this desert is better than pounding sand. I reckon I’ll have to go back.

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