The Sunny South

I may not be officially finished moving nor officially settled in but I’ve accomplished enough to consider this place home for the forseeable future. In my wanderings around the neighborhood I’ve noted some bizarre things. Some tend to prove the rightness of my decision, others make me furrow my brow and wonder how I ended up in such a strange land.

13 Interesting or Entertaining Things about a New Home Down South

13. There is an armed guard in the local Comcast office.
12. People drive languidly. I have more to say on this point sometime.
11. Sam’s

10. New digs offer interesting decorating opportunities.

9. I never have to go to Wal*Mart again, Target is much closer.
8. Johnny Cash lived here. Hell, died here, I suppose.

7. Grand Old Opryland
6. These are the default politics, except in my godforsaken hippie neighborhood.

5. Fall feels the way summer ought to.
4. The intersection of redneck and cracker hip hop culture is a thing to behold. It’s like seeing Kid Rock at his peak in every bar.
3. Visiting Athena Parthenos on a beautiful Saturday morning.

2. That I – who can easily handle Irish, English, New York, Philly, Pennsyltucky and just about every other accent under the sun – have to be prepared and listening carefully whenever one of the locals speak or I’ll have to ask them to repeat themselves several times to get the message.
1. Being seven hundred miles away from everything and everyone you’ve known is wonderfully relaxing.

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