Oscar wept

Michael Moore, the poster boy for McDonald’s lawsuits, won the Oscar for best documentary film. Funny isn’t it? That purely untrue piece of liberal propaganda being considered a documentary?

The Academy should have known he’d do something stupid and sure enough, he mouthed off about the President and the war. Typical BS. I had hoped he’d be lustily booed and fortunately he was, albeit with some cheers mixed in. I had expected he’d be roundly denounced and his behaviour would be largely ignored by the media – so much for that hope.

You’d think the rotund son of a bitch was some sort of hero. Standing up against the oligarchy, etc when all he really wants to do is rewrite the Constitution to further his agenda.

It occurs to me, after watching Barbra Streisand’s remarks about her happiness at living in a country where all are entitled to speak what they believe that she, and everyone like her is full of shit. Trust me, if I were to go forth and proclaim that I believe all white women with overlarge noses are part of a cabal designed to make Clinton the President for all time I do think a few liberals (not to mention everyone else) would have something to say against my freedom of speech. I know for a fact if anyone were to leap up at the Academy Awards and speak in defense of life, the Second Amendment or the Electoral College they’d be booed far more loudly and lustily than even that worthless blob of cellulite, Michael Moore.

So much for freedom of speech. Your freedom only extends as far as you toe the line of the thought police. Never forget that. Orwell got it wrong, it’s not rightists that will restrict your freedoms – it’s the do-gooders, the zealots and nanny-state nicompoops who will rob you of your right to think different.

Fight ’em, every way you can, or one day you may wake up to find babies legally murdered by the millions, fat bastards attacking one of the original amendments of the Constitution and winning awards for it, words twisted until they have no meaning any more, democratically elected leaders compared to one of the worst tyrants and murderers in history (I don’t mean Saddam) and the worst tyrant and murderer of the 20th century (not Saddam either) celebrated for his vision.

Oh never mind, it’s already happened. Did somebody say pitchforks and torches?

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